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  • How can we find out about hotels and guest houses in Cromer?
    You'll find hotels and guest houses that are members of Cromer Chamber of Trade listed from the 'Businesses' button of this web site. That page will give you phone numbers and links for direct access to their booking schemes where appropriate.
  • Is there sea fishing at Cromer?
    Because Cromer does not have a harbour there is no vessel offering regularly organised sea fishing trips but there are local fishermen who may sometimes offer to take sea trips. Sea fishing can be undertaken from the pier. There is no parking available on the promenade - the rules are strictly enforced - so you need to park on one of the town car parks and carry your kit to the pier. Please ensure that you clear up after fishing as you will be in a public area with people frequently walking past you and your kit. Some do fish from the promenade itself. However, it probably needs to be close to high water for this to be practical.
  • Where is it safe to swim and paddle in Cromer?
    It is important to recognise that there can be no perfect safety but there are common sense rules that can be applied. In the summer season the two beaches at Cromer, the West Beach and the East Beach, are in the care of RNLI lifeguards from 10am to 6pm and they will give local advice. They keep constant watch on swimming areas marked by flags on the beach. You can find beach safety advice linked from RNLI Lifeguards. The lifeguards put out signal flags to indicate the advisability - or otherwise - of bathing, depending on the sea state. At Cromer you are strongly advised never to enter the sea under the pier and not to swim anywhere near the first breakwater to the east of the pier. Because of the differing beach levels either side of the breakwater, a strong rip tide runs over the top. Bathing near breakwaters is never a good idea but that one in partiuclar should be avoided. Remember that whilst the tide goes in and out twice a day, with it is an associated current. This flows east to west for about six hours, then goes slack and reverses direction, then repeats the whole process again over the next six hours. See the lifeguards information boards for details of high and low tide and ask for information on the currents. Having said that, Cromer has two very safe bathing beaches, providing you apply common sense and follow the simple instructions on the promenade notice boards and those provided by the lifeguards. Enjoy your time by - and in - the sea!
  • Can we walk our dog on the beach at Cromer?
    The rules for walking dogs on the beaches in the area are set by North Norfolk District Council, who try to achieve a balance between allowing as much fredom as possible and keeping beaches in a good condition for our many visitors. For full details, including a map, go to NNDC - Environmental Health.
  • What day is early closing day in Cromer?
    Wednesday afternoon is the traditional early closing day in Cromer, and a number of shops are not open then - though the pattern is now much more flexible than it used to be and there are plenty that are open.
  • How can I advertise on this website?
    You have to be a member of Cromer Chamber of Trade to have your business featured on this web site. Please use the Feedback page and use the option there to enquire for further details.
  • How can I become a member of the Cromer Chamber of Commerce?
    Please go to the Feedback page and use the Chamber member option there.
  • Can I add an event, exhibition, gig or news item to this site?
    Yes, this facility is available using this online form.
  • Where can we park our car in Cromer?
    There is a certain amount of time limited parking near the town centre and some non-limited street parking further out. There are three main car parks operated by the District Council and one public car park opeated by East Coast Motors on the Runton Road. For the safety of pedestrians and the enjoyment of the seafront by visitors, car parking is strictly controlled on the promenade. For details on the the three council car parks, go to NNDC car parks and also to the leaflet available from that page.
  • Does Cromer have a railway station?
    It certainly does. Once upon a time it had two. The current railway station is at the west end of the town. Trains run to and from Norwich approximately every hour from early in the morning to late evening. You can buy your ticket on the train or pre-book from The Train Line. You can also check times and fares at National Rail Enquiries The rail line from Norwich is known as The Bittern Line, after the local marshalnd bird, the bittern.
  • What public transport is available in Cromer?
    For information on the rail service, click on the 'railway station' question in the FAQs. There are plenty of local taxi services. For these, click on the 'Businesses' button on the left of this page. There is a good range of local bus services - but we can't say there is a straighforward consolidated bus timetable! The Coasthopper service operates east-west all along the coastal roads with buses every half an hour. Sanders Coaches operate a more general service across north Norfolk, including the main north-south route to Norwich and onward to more distant destinations. If you'd like a challenge and your eyeballs can stand the colours, try the UK Bus Timetable Directory.
  • How can I find out about the history and heritage of Cromer?
    The local history web site can be found at the Cromer Dictionary web pages. There are two museums in the town, the Henry Blogg Lifeboat Museum and the Cromer Town Museum
  • Where can I find details on this year's Cromer Carnival?
    Full details can be found on the Cromer Carnival web site.
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